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Choosing to Immerse Yourself in Peace



Remember taking baths as a kid with boats and rubber duckys filling the tub? Bubble beards were always fun, and the warm water felt like a warm hug. Think of that warm feeling that comes from baths, from hugs, and from a home-cooked bowl of soup. For me, that is what peace feels like: It’s when I feel safe, fed, and loved. The feeling of peace doesn’t always stay with me naturally, but I DO have a choice about how peaceful I am. We all have the choice to immerse ourselves in peace or not.

Some peace comes naturally when our surroundings feel right, but the other kind of peace is choosing to have peace by letting in soothing influences and purposely choosing peace whatever circumstances are around us. Do you want to have a peaceful night’s sleep? Choose to fill your mind and heart with calming music with a positive message an hour or two before you go to bed. The music and images you let in your mind influences you whether you want to admit it or not. Choosing to kick out negative thoughts and replace them with an encouraging thought is another way to grow in peacefulness. For example, if I find a lump on my neck, I could freak out and think, “I have cancer!” But I have a choice, and I can encourage myself with the thought, “I am feeling healthy, and that lump is probably only a fatty deposit. I can ask my doctor about it at my next physical; I will be okay.” Even though I don’t naturally feel peaceful at a time like this, I’m training my mind to choose positive thoughts.

Like jumping into a relaxing hot tub, choose to immerse yourself in peace.

By M. H. Campbell

Copyright 2015


Author: mary.campbell.schuh

Hello Friends, A curious, kind, practical, and energetic writer, wife, mother, and teacher is one way to describe me. I enjoy thinking about transitions--in schools, churches, families, relationships, and even countries. I'm passionate about learning, and I love working with people. Stop by often to see which kind of transition I'm thinking about, and I would appreciate hearing your thoughts. Peace! ~Mary Hope

12 thoughts on “Choosing to Immerse Yourself in Peace

  1. Peace in life leave room for so much more! Great post.


  2. Nice and shows that with Christ we can do anything! But, why is that so easy for me to tell others but seemingly impossible for me to do?


    • Well said–true peace comes through Jesus Christ and trusting in Him. It’s our choice to keep going back to Him for more peace–and He sometimes brings the peace through peaceful music, images, words…
      You can do it, Patricia!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. You just made me relax!


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