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A year on Etsy–Thanks to Those of You Who Have Stopped by!

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Thanks to those of you who have supported TreesofTransitionArt on Etsy this year! Last spring I showed a friend my pressed flower cards, and she was drawn instead to the few photo cards I had there–the vivid colors and unique perspectives. Her feedback sent me in a much more successful direction: I’ve pulled from my years of photographs, and turned them into cards!

My Trees of Transition family tree is really growing, and I appreciate you being part of it.

  1. What is Etsy? It’s an online shop site for anyone in the world to sell their handcrafts, designs, and beautiful art. It’s so exciting to see jewelry designed in Israel, crocheted dolls from Europe, or wedding dresses from Asia.
  2. If you want to see it for yourself, my shop is located:   I offer uniquely designed 3-ring binders,  small and large greeting cards (featuring my photos), and some pressed flower art. Let me know what you think!
  3. There has been 2,600 views on the 80 plus items that grew from about a dozen cards when I started. Next month, the shop will be one year old. If you are an Etsy fan, please take the time to follow my shop in order to see things hot off the presses.
  4. Each quarter, my shop gives a percentage of the profits to people going through life transitions. Until the end of March, 25% of the profits goes to Monica McGrath, who mentors teenage mothers in Chicago through the Young Lives program. For April-June, the 25% will go toward mother’s and babies in transition.
  5. If you would like to start your OWN Etsy shop, please use this code to get 40 free listings to start a shop of your own (and I’ll get 40 listings too! So thank you. 🙂  ). The code is:

Thank you for reading, commenting, and enjoying my photography and words.

Have a great weekend! (It’s time for me to go take a run.)

-Mary Hope

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Author: mary.campbell.schuh

Hello Friends, A curious, kind, practical, and energetic writer, wife, mother, and teacher is one way to describe me. I enjoy thinking about transitions--in schools, churches, families, relationships, and even countries. I'm passionate about learning, and I love working with people. Stop by often to see which kind of transition I'm thinking about, and I would appreciate hearing your thoughts. Peace! ~Mary Hope

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