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101 Days Until Our Wedding!


Wedding Planning Update

Wow, it used to be 230 days; now we have only 101 days left until Stephen and I commit ourselves to each other for life! My joy over entering marriage with Stephen is growing, and this engagement season has had its shares of stress, but now is a more tranquil time. Both of us have waited so long to get married that we are just so thankful to have each other and this season.

A wedding season sort of feels like you have your birthday for months because of the congratulations, the parties, gifts, and all the focused love. I treasure this time and am thankful to each of you who have added to the joy.

What has been happening since we got engaged?


In the fall we figured out all the big details, and Stephen helped find the reception venue! I’m working on wedding details more with Stephen than with my Mom, but I’m thankful how she has helped some between assisting my Dad a lot.

When we visited Stephen’s family for Christmas, his mother, sister-in-law, and cousin hosted a little wedding shower on New Year’s Day:


Lindsey, Stephen’s sister-in-law, found some whimsical ideas that made the shower even more special:



IMG_8478            IMG_8459            IMG_8465

IMG_8461          IMG_8485           IMG_8460            IMG_8474

At the end of January, our church friends hosted a shower (yes, I know these are early since we are getting married in June, but I love having space to savor things, so I get to do that. J ). Stephen got to be at both of these two showers since he knew the people better than me. His local family made it!


Stephen’s spare room is filling up with a “home-making kit” of all the wonderful gifts; I’m excited to figure it all out after the wedding…we are doing a little now, but saving most of the decorating for the summer.

In January we also had fun picking out our cake:

IMG_8646 IMG_8649 IMG_8644 IMG_8650 IMG_8648 IMG_8645

You will just have to wait and find out what our cake will look like!

Our flowers are going to be the colors of sunset, and I have some silk flowers on the dashboard of my car that are inspiring me and helping me figure out the look and colors that I want. Talking with a floral designer friend to decide on the personal flowers made me want to jump around with joy.

IMG_8653 IMG_8795


Shopping online for wedding invitations just made me so excited! For many of these things I only look at a couple things and then choose one, but for the invitations, I requested a couple dozen samples from multiple places, and then Stephen and I settled on an elegant one.

In January and February, Stephen and I hosted three large gatherings at his home after not doing that more months, so we are learning how to entertain together. We had lots of laughter (and kids) around the house. J I’m so happy that Stephen and I both like to cook, serve, and love others.


This March, two bridesmaids hosted a thoughtful shower with fun games, a “Mrs. Schuh” sign, and lots of flowers that blessed my friends and I as we talked, prayed, and enjoyed fresh food and lemonade. (I haven’t uploaded my photos yet, but just picture sunset colored flowers and cute little favors of chocolate and tea that had little signs that said, “Here’s to the beauTEAful bride.”)

This engagement season bursts with realness—wiping tears away, beaming smiles, and all the lifeyness in between. I am so thankful for the supportive family and friends that have come around to celebrate with us. The horizon is glinting with gold and is SO full of hope. AND the wedding is only 101 days away!!!!!

–Mary Hope


Copyright 2016



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2 thoughts on “101 Days Until Our Wedding!

  1. I got excited with you Mary, just reading the post. Why I can even hear the song, “Because” in my head. God bless you both as you begin your lifelong journey together as husband and wife. My husband and I will celebrate 30 years of marriage in July. What a great blessing.

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