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Ideas for Celery (Thoughts on Vegetables!)


photo 3

Vegetables should make you smile–look at them! The peppers are sunny yellow and October orange. The cauliflower’s texture looks like a moon surface (or at least something that might be on the moon). My Dad hated hearing the crunch of celery, but that is one thing I love about celery. And when you pop some peanut butter and raisins on that celery, you have a great snack. Or as my Dad and brother did one Valentine’s Day… they put the celery into a heart-shaped chocolates box and gave that to my Mom. Since she is a health nut, she was trilled!

photo 2

Green onions add zip to Thai soup or pasta, and butternut squash should be roasted. I grew up with all our vegetables boiled or pressure-cooked, so this roasting method is AMAZING to me; it adds so much flavor. ๐Ÿ™‚

photo 4

So, enjoy your vegetables this week–I have about four weeks until my wedding, and I’m going to be eating a lot of vegetables and meat to help me look my best for the big day. ๐Ÿ™‚ How do you like to eat your vegetables?


~Mary Hope

Copyright 2016 by Mary H. Campbell


Author: mary.campbell.schuh

Hello Friends, A curious, kind, practical, and energetic writer, wife, mother, and teacher is one way to describe me. I enjoy thinking about transitions--in schools, churches, families, relationships, and even countries. I'm passionate about learning, and I love working with people. Stop by often to see which kind of transition I'm thinking about, and I would appreciate hearing your thoughts. Peace! ~Mary Hope

6 thoughts on “Ideas for Celery (Thoughts on Vegetables!)

  1. I love roasting my vegies, infused with garlic and rosemary as well … delicious! But I’ve never tried peanut butter with celery, that’s a new one for me. ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Ohhh…your roasted vegetables sound amazing! You should try the peanut butter idea–I know it sounds weird, but it tastes nice and salty, crunchy. We called it “Ants on a Log” when were were growing up because the raisins were like ants, and the peanut butter made the celery look like a log!


  3. I like to eat mine fresh from the garden! Sometimes cooked, usually panfried since that’s what I know how to do, oh man do they taste good fresh when their home grown

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