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My First Mother’s Day


He surprised me! Mother’s Day started on Thursday when Stephen came home with a bouquet of iris and yellow lilies plus a bar of white chocolate (since dark chocolate makes the baby spit up).

Celebrating Mother’s Day with a baby inside me was fun, but celebrating with the baby outside is way better. Mother’s Day usually meant I was with my Grandmas and/ or just Mom for church and lunch, and there usually was flowers involved. Last year I was a pregnant mommy on Mother’s day, so it sort of felt like my first time celebrating the holiday, but this year I celebrated Mother’s day for the first time with a baby in my arms.

On Saturday, we had a slow morning with the baby coming into bed with us after he started babbling or squawking in his crib. Stephen said, “Let’s go to Home Depot and you can pick out some flowers to put on our balcony.” My face lit up! Wow, more flowers!!


We plotted our travels within the bounds of the baby’s nap, so after morning nap, we went to Home Depot, and I found a big pot of bi-shades of pink geraniums. Seeing it on our balcony right now makes me so joyful!

Then we drove out to the Architecture Arboretum so that Joel could keep sleeping; we drove through the grounds. I had been there on Thursday for the first time, and it’s so cool how our Arboretum pass from Illinois works to get us into this one too! I love the hills and that there are more lakes in this one.

We popped by Aldi to get salad fixings for Sunday dinner, but I forgot the lettuce, so then I had to go to Cub, where I also bought Joel rice cereal (since the whole grain kind might have stopped him up).

We had looked over our coupons, so we used a coupon to get sushi! (On a budget). Joel woke up with his bright eyes right when we got there, and Stephen held Joel the whole time (which is getting more of a challenge) Joel likes to grab at the soy sauce or plate in front of him now. J ) We got chicken and shrimp and a sushi meal. Our server was from China. Joel lasted until about the end. We went home, satisfied—we beat the Mother’s Day rush on restaurants and we got a discount!


My husband did several loads of laundry and I took a nap while the baby was napping. Then we headed over to his aunt and uncle’s house where his cousin just moved up here, so we had a family dinner of pork loin. Joel played with his second cousin—Lorna. She reached out her hand to him, and he wanted to chew on it, so she pulled it away quickly. I love seeing his happy face when she comes toward him!


On Sunday, we slept in and Stephen made me heart shaped waffles and bacon for breakfast! We were late to Wooddale Church, but the sermon was helpful—about how women need to be heard based on Hannah from the Bible. The nursery lady said about Joel when we got back, “He was the happiest of them all!” All the women got red roses, which was so nice! Stephen’s Aunt Hanna gave me a pink orchid as well, so I felt so loved through receiving all those flowers.

We ate leftovers at home, I made sugared pecans for our salad, then we went to hear our cousins play in a community orchestra! Kids were welcome, so Joel and Lorna were there. Joel was perfect for the first hour. Then the second hour, we had to take him out several times—to eat, then to be loud. He and Lorna looked at each other during Beethoven’s 5th Symphony and just started babbling with each other (I had to hold in my laughter). We livened up the concert!

Dinner was at Anni’s house—Hanna, Anni and I went for a walk, and then we got dinner together with the guys grilling stakes and asparagus. I did my greens, strawberries and sugared pecans with Blush wine vinaigrette salad, and we had biscuits, angel food cake with strawberries for dessert. Joel ate some rice cereal.

Before dinner he was playing “pass the soccer ball” with Lorna! They both are learning to share. He did well until dessert, so we had to leave quickly.

This first mother’s day was even more sweet and fun than I thought. I’m so thankful to be a Mommy!

~Mary Hope

Copyright 2018


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~Mary Hope


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5 thoughts on “My First Mother’s Day

  1. I am so happy for you that you enjoyed your first Mother’s Day so much. The first one is so very special. But then again, every Mother’s Day is. My kids are almost all grown up and it is different but to me there is an even deeper level reached. I am thankful for the wonderful relationship I have to them. As a mother you always try your best but over the years you do so many things you would love to change when looking back. So when I look at the relationship I have with my kids today I couldn’t be more thankful. Blessings to you, Mary!

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