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How to Have Hope During This Pandemic

“Water!” demanded my two year old son yesterday morning as I was talking with my Mom on FaceTime. He said it five times, then started almost crying because he wanted to water our geraniums so much. I set the phone down facing my three month old daughter, so my Mom could talk with her while I filled our yellow watering can with water. Then my son and I put water on the dying daffodil leaves (I need to plant those outside), the tiny succulent, the big jungle plant, and then the two pink geraniums with eleven bunches of blossoms. Then my son was happy and started playing with other things, and I could continue my talk with my Mom. Just like watering those flowers consistently (because my son reminds me every day!) brings on blossoms, so choosing to do actions that give hope (even when we don’t feel like it), will grow the hopeful expectations of good in our lives.

I wish I could give you a cup of tea that would immediately fill your heart with hope; alas, there is no such tea (yet!), but I can offer you some thoughts on ways to build up the hope capacity in your heart. We are in hard times right now, and we need to develop our hope muscle more than ever to help our mental health. Here are three ways that can help you build more hope: Continue reading