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How to Resist Fear

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Do you feel it? The blanket of fear that so easily pulls you in these days? In March 2020, my husband and I fell under the virus of fear as we read the popular news headlines, listened to videos and reports on how the COVID virus was spreading. We lost sleep, lost focus, lost peace for over a month. Reading those negative, fear-inducing headlines day after day took its toll until we stopped looking at them as much and turned our attention back to our present life, work, and family.

I spent a month or so under the weight of that fear that is hovering over so many people these days. What helped me to push off the fear?

-I stopped reading the headlines all throughout the day; I just looked at them once or twice.  Realizing that headlines are written in order to get an emotional response from you, and most of that emotion is negative, helped me. Finding new sources that just tell more facts really helps—news that leaves out lots of emotion is refreshing. I am still keeping up to date, but I limit how much news I consume, and I try to get all kinds of news perspectives which helps balance out the extremes.

-Letting love in sure has helped! Connect with people! My kids and I FaceTime with my Mom once a week, we go on walks with friends, and we reach out to people and connect. It sure helps to see a smiling face, even if it is through a screen.

-I learned more about the COVID virus and how to stand up to it:

                -Build a strong immune system

                -Get lots of sunshine time (vitamin D!)

                -Get enough sleep

                -Eat healthy food (we’ve been growing vegetables,

and I’ve been making pesto!)

                -Wash your hands and don’t touch your eyes

                -And keep on learning more—research it for yourself!

The fear still tries to worm its way back into my heart, and I’ve had to confront it. For the first time I’ve had to confront the feeling of “I don’t want to die and leave my family behind!” My husband held me as I cried, and then the peace came as I remembered: “Even if I die, I am going to be okay because I have a relationship with Jesus, and He is with me through everything.” Then poof, the fear lost its power. A big portion of the fear of this season comes from the unknowns surrounding the COVID situation—What if I have the virus and don’t know it? What if someone else gives it to me?

I’m wrestling with these questions and don’t have all the answers. I keep on learning and researching. I realized that I could drive myself nuts if I believed all the news reports because in the last five months they have changed their tune and contradicted themselves multiple times. The truth eventually comes out, so I need to keep on digging, comparing, contrasting opinions and facts and talking and reading.

The truth is that “There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear.” 1 John 4:18.  Let God’s love into your heart and also let people in during this hard time. We are going to be okay. Yes, people have died from the virus and that is so sad, but you are alive right now and need to enjoy each breath. Choose joy. Choose love. Choose connection. Resist fear. Choose peace.

~Mary Hope

Copyright 2020

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Thank you again, and peace to you and your family!

~Mary Hope

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