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Transition to Motherhood: Who Throws a Mother a Birthday Party?

Last week I had a couple crying sessions partly because the baby has started teething and is screaming more and partly I got anxious as I got close to my birthday. I planned a gathering of a few friends for cake, tea, and talk; the day before I became nervous about how it would be, and I just wanted to have someone else throw the party for me.

Who plans and celebrates a mother’s birthday? Don’t mother’s plan and lead the celebration of the birthdays in her home? Is it okay that she plans her own celebration or should she wait for her husband to do something? Continue reading



A Growing Birthday

A few days back I got to celebrate turning 34–and this birthday was the best one so far! Several friends gave me flowers, my Mom gave me a birthday brownie, besides other things, and I even got a couple little succulents. With a wedding coming up, I was a bit afraid that I didn’t deserve to celebrate my birthday too with so much wedding things going on; however, Stephen took the lead and gathered people, cooked breakfast with me on my birthday, and took me to get Chinese food. Love poured in! All this love keeps surprising me. Thank you all!

-Mary Hope







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Make Your Birthday Even More Fun: Find Birthday Freebies…


Remember how you counted down the days and savored every minute of your birthday as a child? Sharing rose topped birthday cake with family and friends made me so happy.
A few years ago, I decided to bring back some of that childlike joy around my birthday season, and I looked up “Free coupons to get on your birthday,” and found lists of places that celebrate you on the day of your birth. (Yes, yes, they are trying to get you to spend more money at their store or restaurant, but you don’t have to keep going back unless it’s your birthday. 😉 )

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One Year of Blogging: Thank You for Joining Me!

I appreciate all of you who have joined me during this year of blogging about transitions through LIFE! My life is so much better now than last year: I’m going deeper into my career, I’m more fulfilled, more loved, and much more happy!