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One Year into Marriage 

Ten days ago Stephen and I celebrated one year of marriage on June 18th, and we honored that milestone by fulfilling a dream that both of us have had of eating at the Signature Room on the 95th floor the John Hancock Building in Chicago. We both have enjoyed drinks and desserts in the Signature Lounge, one floor up (which has an amazing view from the ladies bathroom); however, we had always looked down on the Signature Room with a bit of desire to try that expensive restaurant.

Since we have a baby on the way, we decided that this should be the year that we take the plunge and try the Signature Room. After driving downtown Chicago, parking, and getting our bearings, we walked over to the Original Cupcake bakery, Sprinkles Cupcakes, and both picked out our favorite cake. We hadn’t saved the top of our wedding cake (we ate it our first month! Check out this blog post: Why You Should Eat the Top of Your Wedding Cake the Month After Your Wedding ), so we tried their pineapple upside down cake and their chocolate marshmallow cupcakes!


Then it was time to head up to the Signature Room with the “rocket” elevator that takes you 95 floors in about a minute. We were seated by the northern view of Chicago:

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John Hancock Building Lobby Spectacular!

Last night my husband and I enjoyed dinner at the John Hancock building and as we were leaving, we walked past this very sparkly display! It has water underneath it that looks like polished marble, and reflection is like glass. Looking into the center of this display reminded me of outer space.

Enjoy this cool display with me, and have a wonderful start to your week!

-Mary Hope

Copyright 2017


A Couple of Chicago Mothers’ Solution for Violence

Mondays at Malcolm X College tend to be harder days for students because of the violence that happens in Chicago over the weekends. Three weeks ago was an especially hard Monday morning after the police shootings of two African American men that week (followed by the retaliation shootings in Texas).
Mrs. Latsu, the Director of the LevelUp program that supports students who need to learn more college-level writing and math before they can take college classes, gives Motivational Monday talks to the students and staff during this concentrated course. Many of the students are at-risk students. Instead of her normal talk, three weeks ago she knew she needed to help the students mourn the shootings that have been happening. She talked about resilience, which led the students to talk about how they felt.
What they didn’t know is that they educated me (I was one of three white folks in the room) and gave me a window into how it feels to be African American in the inner city, especially an African American male.

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Walking Between a Waterfall

The water gardens in downtown Fort Worth are a must-see. In this section, you can walk down into the middle of the falls on these steps –it gets louder as you descend until you are in the center. It’s majestic and exciting! This step reminds me of the pi symbol. #pisymbol #fortworth #treesoftransitionart #etsyshop #coolphotos #watergardens

 So if you are in Fort Worth, Texas, stop by this free watery beauty!

-Mary Hope

Copyright 2016 


Thoughts on Paris and Prayer


Looking over my WordPress feed today is bittersweet because of all the talk of the tragedy in Paris.

People of Paris–many people are so sad about what you all are going through and are praying for you for comfort and hope.

My thoughts have turned to prayer because that’s what I first started doing when I heard the news yesterday.

Prayer works. Like a bridge from the spiritual world to this physical world, prayers create energy that passes between the realms. For example, over the last few weeks my fiancé and I have been praying for a friend to not lose her job in a merger. We prayed about this a few times a week; emotion wasn’t the driving force, we just knew God cared about our friend and this situation, and we could help it by praying. This Thursday our friend texted us that she still has her job! Seeing prayers answered still is a wondrous thing and brings a smile to my eyes.
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Sphere of Water and Light

Last night my fiancé and I walked past this fun fountain. How the light plays with the water reminds one of a huge dandelion seed puff or popcorn ball.
Have a peaceful and safe weekend, Everyone! Here’s a couple more shots:
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