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Stewed Zucchini and Tomatoes with Italian Sausage 

Zucchini season is upon us. Once our family planted our zucchini vines too close to the cucumber vines, and we got some weird vegetables! The two vines cross-pollinated, and we got a bad hybrid of huge cucumber-like with zucchini-like insides. We couldn’t eat any of them, but they were funny to see. If you need another way to use up your bummer crop of zucchini, here is an Italian-style way to fix it.


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Cherry Turkey Green Salad 🍒 

🍒 Summer heat inspires me to figure out new salads, so here is my newest mixture…inspired by an amazing turkey breast that Stephen grilled/smoked yesterday and what we had in the fridge. Feel free to adjust the fruit to what you have currently… peaches or apples would work well too. Continue reading

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Refreshing Chicken Salad

On July 4th, my cousin and aunts put together a great chicken salad for us as we were packing up from our camping trip in Wisconsin, and what they did with their salad inspired me to concoct a similar salad; except, this salad has more vegetables and fruit than chicken! Using chicken cooked on the grill gives this salad even more flavor.

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Picking Maryland Crab

We are visiting friends in Maryland right now, and they treated us is freshly boiled crab with bay spice. Here’s the process:

First cover the table with brown paper, and get the wooden hammers ready to whacking the claws:

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Rhubarb Time

Rhubarb’s tang makes me feel like it is fully spring. I whipped up this pie last week and have been enjoying it ever since! I used strawberry jam in place of fresh strawberries, and that worked out just fine.

Happy Monday!

-Mary Hope

Copyright 2017


Why You Should Eat the Top of Your Wedding Cake the Month After Your Wedding

Should you keep the top of your wedding cake until your first wedding anniversary? My opinion is a resounding, “No!” Do you want to enjoy the cake or have it taste like cardboard? The cake tastes great if you start eating it piece by piece after you get back from the honeymoon.


The top of our wedding cake stood grand at our wedding, and then the reception hall boxed it up, and we put it in my apartment freezer, so that when we came back from Hawaii and I had to pack up my apartment, we started eating the cake to sweeten the deal.

It took us a month to eat the cake–and we finished it just as I had to be out of the apartment. Eating the cake early made us feel sneaky, and it was FUN! Just do it.


~Mary Hope

Copyright 2017