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Doing What You’re Made to Do

I’m getting the feeling that we can do a lot of things, but there are certain things that we were created to do. I grew up with a handyman for a father, and so I subconsciously picked up that it is best to be able to do a lot of things a little bit: farming, carpentry, mechanic, plumper, electrician… For my Dad, that is his choice of what is best.

Now, I’m learning what is best for me is to pay attention to what I have focused on: Teaching and writing. Those are things I’m made to do! I’m working on figuring out the percentages of how much to do each one as a part of my life, but those are the things I fill my life with: teaching and writing.

Seeing that it is GOOD to work out of your strengths is new to me. At times we have to just do something to survive, but as we come out of survival mode, then we can relax, strengthen, and work out of what we do best.

Admitting to what I really what I want to do, not just what I think I should do because I’m capable is a new thing for me. Living out of our strengths makes our lives more vibrant, strong, life-giving.

Currently I’m in the transition between doing what I think I should do and what I want to do. It’s a mixture right now and sometimes I’m not sure what I want. Probably there are always parts of life that are in this place…but sometimes we can work at a place which we love and where we are using our full strength.

Reality verses what you really want is usually different, but knowing your preference and top choice is important! Then you have to compromise, strive and choose to be content right where you are at as you keep moving upward.

I’m seeing that even when you get your top choice, you have to choose to be content there too. It’s finding the right balance between self-awareness and desires, willingness to sacrifice for others, and where you are being led. It’s a tricky balance I’m on a journey to figure out, and I’m excited to see where it leads.