Trees of Transition

Planting seeds of hope throughout our world through sharing photography and thoughts on teaching, cooking, and life transitions.


My parents homeschooled me from preschool through high school, so homeschooling formed me deeply. I went on to community college, college, and graduate school, and now work in a community college. I’ve been sharing my thoughts on that topic over the last year.

Here are links to the pieces I wrote about homeschooling so far in

Homeschooling’s Black, White, and Gray Season 1:

Episode 1: Beginning with Forgiveness and Thankfulness

Episode 2: Gutsy Pioneers: Parents Who Homeschool Their Children

Episode 3: I Appreciate How My Mom Did This: Boomerang Learning

Episode 4: I Do Not Remember My First Day of School. Do You?

Episode 5: Through High School or to Traditional High School? That is a Homeschooling Gray Question

Episode 6: Homeschool Anatomy: Farm Style

Episode 7: A Homeschooler Takes on the Mean Girls and…

Episode 8: A Homeschool Strength: Letting Creativity Soar

Episode 9: Fighter Pilot Dream Gets Queasy, But Doesn’t Throw Up

Episode 10: Homeschooling Gray: Being Homeschooled and Then Trying to Teach in a Traditional School

See the Homeschool Series Category for more:

Homeschool Series: Homeschooling’s Black, White, and Gray Seasons 1 and 2





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