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School is Out! Happy First Day of Summer

Releasing my students into summer happened a couple of weeks ago (huzzah!). Seeing the room without 34 desks, chairs, and students made it feel huge. On my last day at school, I took time to just sit and my desk and write out that list of suggested books for the summer (see: Young Adult Fiction to Read This Summer)

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Giving and Receiving Help and Hope


One weekend in November, I had grading piling up like toys after a two year old, and I thought I would finally catch up on grading since I had multiple choice tests to grade, but my optimism turned to disappointment when I realized those tests were too long to get done quickly; I got pretty moapy. Then I thought I would finish it the next day, but it didn’t happen. On Tuesday, I realized I needed help, and so I reached out to a friend who has lots of time right now (and I have way too much work to do and not enough time). Continue reading