Trees of Transition

Comfort for people going through life transitions by sharing thoughts, photos, cards, and recipes.

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Effective Leadership

“The leader with the most connections wins!”

-Chris Hogan

When we know our leader hears, respects, and esteems us, we will do almost anything for them. Building trust with those we work with takes time and care, but when we make that investment, huge gains can come through working together in a unified way.
Choose to trust and connect.

M. H. Campbell


Frosted Leaves: Thoughts of Heaven

As I ran one frosty morning a couple months ago, I looked down and saw these sparkling leaves….when the sun hit them, they looked like they had diamonds on their edges. With hearing about the Egyptian Coptic Christians being murdered by ISIS, my thoughts turn toward heaven. My prayers are with the families of the martyred Christians. I’m so glad for the hope of heaven: We see glimpses of the splendor here on earth, but it’s like we only see a frosted leaf when heaven like is a fully bejeweled, glorious castle.


By M. H. Campbell

Copyright 2015


Big Kids Do It Too

The toddler kept dropping leaf by leaf over the cement wall into the pond–ginkgo yellow on the gray water.

Minutes later high school boys in PE garb goofing off threw up an armful of brown oak leaves which cascaded gently around them as they laughed.

Big kids do it too. I’m so glad.

Copyright 2014 by M. H. Campbell


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You Are Loved

The leaf, crafted with intention, landed there by the lake for me to ponder and remember: I am loved!

What does love look like?
Love shows up through the twinkle in the eyes a person when you walk into the room.
Love comes through the shape of a hug, a creamy rose, a heart, a crunchy leaf…

Look at the intricate beauty of a cottonwood leaf fallen to the stones, and see the creative message just for you: You are loved!

-M. H. Campbell