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Minnesota Purple and Outlines

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Last February, my husband and I visited family in Minnesota, and here are some images of Minneapolis and more…


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Weird Noises in Church (No Less!)

The four month baby boy in his plaid shirt smiled and then let out a huge, “Shurrrrrrrrtttttt,” –a big pooping sounds mixed with the sputter of a fart in the quietness of the church’s sanctuary. His parents, my husband, and I just bent over, with our hands in front of our mouths in started silent laughter Continue reading


Merry Christmas 🎄 /// Our Son’s Newborn Photos

Merry Christmas from our house (filled with bouncers, burp cloths, and one cute baby) to yours! May your celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ be full of peace, food, and fun. Having a baby this time of year makes it special because I’m connecting to Mary more than before. I’m going to share with you the newborn photos we had taken in the hospital two days after our son was born (and then a few photos from the last week or so): Continue reading

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Remembering Uncle Chris


I only knew my husband’s Uncle Chris for 2 ½ years, but I remember his leathery cheeks pulled up into a smile that burst with kindness. I first met him at Christmastime when Stephen took me to California to meet his family in 2014. Uncle Chris was Stephen’s Dad’s older brother who lived nearby and loved helping out and driving with us to the airport when we had to fly home.

A year after I met Uncle Chris, Stephen and I were engaged and the family put together a surprise bridal shower for us on New Years Day in 2016. That day we received the only card from him while I knew him, but I am so glad we kept it. He gave us an Amazon gift card (that we used to buy a Tiffany lamp), and he wrote us this message:

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