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Are You a Lifelong Learner? Would You Share a Few of Your Thoughts With Me?


Why do you think you are so curious? Do you have at least ten minutes to take the time to type up three answers that will help me with my research on lifelong learners? I have three questions and a little background information for you to answer and then email back to me by this Saturday. Each time someone gives me their responses to these questions, I get even more excited! I’ve received responses from family and friends, and now I would appreciate hearing responses from people I do not know or do not know as well. Thank you for helping me out!

Here are the questions:



Lifelong Learner Questionnaire

1. Why do you love to learn?

2. How did your love for learning keep growing through and after your formal schooling?

3. How would you describe a “lifelong learner”? (Describe or list the main characteristics.)

Type of school attended for PreK-12th grade: Public_____Private_____Homeschool____

Highest Education Level Achieved and in what area:



I give Mary H. Campbell permission to possibly use my answers in her writing about lifelong learners.


Please return your answers to Mary at by Saturday, February 28th, 2015.