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Good Friday

God loved us so much, He sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to die for us. Jesus paid for our sin so that we can know God again, if we choose to accept Jesus’ gift of forgiveness…that is why today is called Good Friday.

Today is also a Good Friday because I got to eat lunch with my older sister and celebrate her birthday that is on the horizon!🎉❤️🎉


-Mary Hope

Copyright 2017


Two and a Half Years after My Article: “My Younger Sister is Getting Married, and I’m Still Single”

Is it harder for older sisters to get married? Yes, I think it is. Birth order does matter; older children just have different pressures and experiences than their younger siblings, and this can influence their love lives. Especially this holiday season I’ve seen more Google searches that lead older sisters to my article “My Younger Sister is Getting Married, and I’m Still Single” that I wrote two and a half years ago; now it is time to follow up that piece. What has happened with my love life? What have I learned since then?


Life updates: My love life has blossomed since I wrote that article, and I am now married to a wonderful man named Stephen (you can see engagement photos here: Our Silly Engagement Photos ). My younger sister is still ahead of me by becoming a mother to a wonderful little guy and having another one on the way. I had to practice what I wrote again when my younger brother got engaged before me too, but I still got married before him, so I wasn’t the last child in our family to get married. Some lessons I’ve realized about how to help love grow include learning to relax, trusting God’s timing, and being willing to risk love.

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photo 4(1)

The petals are transitioning from the tree to the ground…transitions cause tears during part of it, but then usually stabilize. I shot these photos yesterday, and these green images helped calm me. The water on the leaf reminds me of the tears of moving seasons and the green reminds me of the hope for growth!

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Happy Easter, Dear Friends!

Home means a place to belong, let down, a haven where you be fully yourself. Since last summer I’ve had a chance to have a little home of my own where I decorated it how I wanted it. I’ve grown into a settled-ness that only comes as you know you belong.

As I’m grappling if I’ll stay in this place or move again, I’m reminded that Jesus left his home in heaven to pay for our sin so that we could give up wandering and have a home with him. If I stay focused on receiving belonging and love from Jesus, then I can be at “home” whether I have the place or not.
On this Easter Sunday, know that Jesus rose again to give you a home. Choose to receive that gift!

By M. H. Campbell

Copyright 2015


Reset: Three Days Without a Cellphone

I knew I was dependent on having a smart phone, but I knew it would be life-giving to set down the phone for a bit. A few weeks ago a friend invited me to a Great Banquet retreat where I had to leave my phone AND my wristwatch behind for three days.

I felt a bit wistful when I powered down my phone before I put it and my watch in the glove compartment before I met my friend and walked into the retreat.

Surviving three days without a cell phone went easier than I thought because the retreat staff were our “time keepers” and guided us where we needed to be.

The people I call or text the most knew where I was so that eased my mind and I wasn’t expecting any important phone calls, so I could just let down.

I actually enjoyed the ability to just be fully present with the people I was with and not be checking in with people elsewhere through calls, texts, and status posts. Three days of no phone enabled me to fully unplug from technology, so it has been a bit strange to plug back in.

The retreat made me pause, and it feels like I’ve been reset. I am choosing peace and trust more, and I’m enjoying the people I have around me more.

After the retreat ended, I turned my phone back on and didn’t have much on there…I didn’t miss anything big!
I stopped to buy gas for my car and the world just seemed noisy–there were advertisements blasting, music playing, so it was almost overwhelming. In spite of the noise, I chose to stay in the peace I had received from withdrawing for a time to be reset.
Try it! You never know what you might hear in the silence…

By M. H. Campbell

Copyright 2015