Trees of Transition

Comfort for people going through life transitions by sharing thoughts, photos, cards, and recipes.


The Transitions of Summer

This has been a summer full of transitions: Moving from Illinois to Minnesota, but still selling a house in Illinois (that should be wrapped up this month), my Dad passing away, traveling almost every weekend for a month and a half…

Taking a bit of time alone throughout this whole time and connecting with loved ones and God has helped me stay (mostly) steady throughout this time!

Oh, and lots of walks…

Here’s some peaceful images that have helped me transition well this summer:

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Perfection is Not the Goal…Just Set a Goal!

I find some great quotes from LinkedIn’s idea of the day, and a few days ago, they shared this one about what to focus on:

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A Growing Birthday

A few days back I got to celebrate turning 34–and this birthday was the best one so far! Several friends gave me flowers, my Mom gave me a birthday brownie, besides other things, and I even got a couple little succulents. With a wedding coming up, I was a bit afraid that I didn’t deserve to celebrate my birthday too with so much wedding things going on; however, Stephen took the lead and gathered people, cooked breakfast with me on my birthday, and took me to get Chinese food. Love poured in! All this love keeps surprising me. Thank you all!

-Mary Hope







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Sphere of Water and Light

Last night my fiancé and I walked past this fun fountain. How the light plays with the water reminds one of a huge dandelion seed puff or popcorn ball.
Have a peaceful and safe weekend, Everyone! Here’s a couple more shots:
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