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Book Review: The Emigrant Edge

The Irish lilt is still on Brian’s words when he speaks, even after being in the United States for a couple of decades. As I listened to Dave Ramsey talk with him, I became inspired.

The United States is STILL a land of opportunity, and the book by Irish born, now U.S. citizen, Brian Buffini, illustrates how he started out with only his youth and under $100 in his pocket to become a leading real estate entrepreneur. He tells his story in his new book, The Emigrant Edge: How to Make It Big in America, and he teaches tips on what immigrants have that lead so many of them to be highly successful!

Amazon says in their review: “But Brian isn’t alone in his success: immigrants compose thirteen percent of the American population and are responsible for a quarter of all new businesses. In fact, Forbes magazine boasts that immigrants dominate most of the Forbes 400 list.” These numbers make me consider that the energy that comes from moving from one culture/system/place to another one sparks these people’s imagination and drive that leads to their success.

I have not had a chance to read this book yet, but I heard Dave Ramsey interview Brian and now I would like read more of his story. Brian doesn’t just want to tell his story, he teaches about how he became so successful…his journey…and he gives steps that we can do it as well. Check out his book:

The Emigrant Edge: How to Make It Big in America



~Mary Hope

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~Mary Hope


Young Adult Fiction to Read This Summer

I’m just wrapping up my year of teaching, and I just sent off this summer book suggestion list to my middle school students, so I thought I would share it with you as well!

If the review is quoted, it is from Patti Tjomsland and her workshop’s “What’s new in Young Adult Literature” handbook that I received when I attended her workshop.


Shadowcaster (first book) and Flamecaster (second book) – by Cinda Williams Chima

For the second book: “Ash is forced into hiding after his father is murdered and his own life is endangered. On his quest for revenge he meets Jenna who shares his hatred for an evil king.”


Heartless –by  Marissa Meyer

“Ever wonder how the Red Queen became so heartless? Catherine just wanted to be a baker and then she falls in love with Jest which leads to heartbreak.”


Genius: the Game –by Leopoldo Gout

This book has a hanging ending! “First in a new series. Only 200 invitations go out to the best of the techies in the world for a huge competition. Tunde (an engineered genius from Nigeria) and Painted Wolf (an activist blogger from Shanghai) are invited and Mexican American Rex hacks his way onto the list. What is the real reason for this event?”

 And there are more…
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