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Screaming HelpsĀ 

Sometimes screaming is just the right way to process something. For example, last night I saw a hairy caterpillar (which I vacuumed up), and it was just so ugly (it had some of the featheriness of this flower) screaming made me feel so much better! Try it. šŸ™‚ 

-Mary Hope

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The Animal Hospital’s Tulips

photo 5

I clean an animal hospital twice a week, and for about two weeks now, these tulips have caught my eye as I pulled in. On Wednesday I took the time to walk over and enjoy them close up! Now I get to share them with you. Notice how deep the red is–it has a blue side to it, and this shade of red rushes my heart with joy.

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A Growing Birthday

A few days back I got to celebrate turning 34–and this birthday was the best one so far! Several friends gave me flowers, my Mom gave me a birthday brownie, besides other things, and I even got a couple little succulents. With a wedding coming up, I was a bit afraid that I didn’t deserve to celebrate my birthday too with so much wedding things going on; however, Stephen took the lead and gathered people, cooked breakfast with me on my birthday, and took me to get Chinese food. Love poured in! All this love keeps surprising me. Thank you all!

-Mary Hope







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Hope’s Swirls

My family is going through a hard time with my Father’s health, and yesterday making this lemon pie calmed me down. Dad had wanted a piece the day before, so I took it to him. He was not up for eating any, but I’m glad I did it. Our family could use your prayers right now. Growing old is a hard transition, especially if a person hopes they will just be fine until they die.
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Reset: Three Days Without a Cellphone

I knew I was dependent on having a smart phone, but I knew it would be life-giving to set down the phone for a bit. A few weeks ago a friend invited me to a Great Banquet retreat where I had to leave my phone AND my wristwatch behind for three days.

I felt a bit wistful when I powered down my phone before I put it and my watch in the glove compartment before I met my friend and walked into the retreat.

Surviving three days without a cell phone went easier than I thought because the retreat staff were our “time keepers” and guided us where we needed to be.

The people I call or text the most knew where I was so that eased my mind and I wasn’t expecting any important phone calls, so I could just let down.

I actually enjoyed the ability to just be fully present with the people I was with and not be checking in with people elsewhere through calls, texts, and status posts. Three days of no phone enabled me to fully unplug from technology, so it has been a bit strange to plug back in.

The retreat made me pause, and it feels like I’ve been reset. I am choosing peace and trust more, and I’m enjoying the people I have around me more.

After the retreat ended, I turned my phone back on and didn’t have much on there…I didn’t miss anything big!
I stopped to buy gas for my car and the world just seemed noisy–there were advertisements blasting, music playing, so it was almost overwhelming. In spite of the noise, I chose to stay in the peace I had received from withdrawing for a time to be reset.
Try it! You never know what you might hear in the silence…

By M. H. Campbell

Copyright 2015

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2014: A Growing Year

2014: A Year of Leaping Ahead, Falling on my face, and getting back up again: A beautiful year

Second graders singing, with me playing the piano. This year I got a keyboard and started playing piano again!
A chocolate and flower birthday with friends.
Flying to North Carolina for spring break, getting so sick, and celebrating about a friend having a baby (that arrived a few weeks ago).

Getting hired as a Bible/Writing teacher, moving to the city and getting a wonderful apartment. Moving in on the hottest day of the year!

My nephew’s first birthday (I made him his cake).

My sister married her best friend, Danny! A city wedding full of cream colored roses…

School started and the students learned, and I learned a lot. Then that job ended unexpectedly, and I rested, healed, and connected with lots of loving people. Now I’m tutoring at a community college! I hope soon I can be an adjunct professor…

Forgiveness works! God knows how to direct life well. I’m so thankful nephew knows my name, and I’m dating a great guy.

I never thought my year would end in Napa Valley, California meeting a great guy’s family and who I’m falling in love with…life gives you lots of challenges, but if you trust that God is guiding you, life may hurt for a while, but you heal and grow stronger.

2015 is going to be amazing! I wish you the best 2015–full of hope, joy, and lots of love.

By M. H. Campbell Copyright 2014