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Running to See My Honey and Thoughts on Home

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Yesterday summer did a trial run here in the Midwest, and we got 80 degree weather! I finally ran the 3.5 miles from my apartment to Stephen’s place, and I stopped and shot a few photos along the way. The sun slanted its ray across my path at points, many people were outside–mowing or just enjoying being outside after many frozen days. The apple blossoms made me so happy with their snowy grace and lingering scent. Come, run along with me:

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Coach Campbell has Arrived

Me? An assistant cross-country coach?!? Late Friday afternoon two weeks ago, I had just been sitting there in the tutoring center, when a guy walked in and asked, “Do you know anyone that would be interested in helping coach the cross county team?”

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Free to Get Drenched

The pitter-pat subsided,
Luring me out to run.
Blue shoes on,
Then smacking against damp pavement.
I jogged past the house with a white picket fence, yard full of green, but in my memory I saw it as a snow fairy kingdom with snow tufts on too of the posts.
Along the train tracks,
Swerving little lakes overwhelming the side walks.
Then around I turned, the wind now filled with mist, in my face.
The mist turned to drops,
The warm rain soaked me,
As I ran home.
The water made me laugh,
I was waterproof
and free to get drenched.


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It’s Surprising What can Happen When You Hold out Your Hand! The Power of Encouragement to Help People Through a Transition

Last Sunday my sister ran the Chicago marathon, and after my parents and I saw my sister twice and cheered her on, hugged her and encouraged her, we moved to mile 12.5 to try to see her again. At that part of the marathon, near the Chicago River, there was quite a bit of people along the route, but it was mostly quiet when we arrived there. As we scanned the runners for my sister, I joined in with one lady who was saying encouraging words to the runners. Then I saw one older guy just putting out his hand to high five the runners, and so I put out my hand too.

“Go Runners!”
“You can do it!!”

I just put out my hand and high fived people who wanted one. It surprised me how several exhausted-looking runners ran out of their way to let me high-five their hand and say, “Good job! You’re almost half way there!!” I got to see how several people encouraging the runners could change the atmosphere of that part of the race course. My sister had already passed that point, but it was great to encourage those runners right then.

I made some little signs especially for my sister that read “Go, Ruth, Go!” and “We love you, Ruth!”

Around mile nineteen, in a Hispanic neighborhood of Chicago where there was bouncy Latin music playing, the runners seemed more hopeful, but many runners still wanted high-fives as they ran past. I did that until I saw my sister, then I got out into the road and ran with my sister for a 1/2 mile so that I could talk with her and encourage her (and see what it is like!). A couple girls cheered my sister on as we ran past.

At the end of the marathon, a stranger reached out to me so that I could get into the zone just before finish line, so I went up there and encouraged the runners at the end of the race. One guy could only walk, but he was only 100 meters from the finish line, and a lady next to me and I cheered him on. I was so busy cheering on others, I missed seeing my sister pass me, but I did hear them say her name over the loud speaker. My sister is a marathon runner!

It’s fun to encourage complete strangers. Try it sometime.

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