Trees of Transition

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Natural Lines

Here are more springtime images that I shot last spring… I’m starting to see buds around here in the midwestern United States again!! Have a joyful Sunday.

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A Study of the Transitions of Blue

The sky’s shade of blue is always transitioning; when there are clouds, the blue is mixed with white. When the skies clear, the blue is so solid and majestic. My favorite time to enjoy a solid blue sky is in the middle of winter when the blue is so deep it is the color of light blueberries. 
Another kind of blue I love is when water reflects the sky. Especially if there is a wind, the water has much more flecked and textured shade of blue. The blue is a mixture of light and dark depending on how the wind is blowing. 
On my run this morning, I get to see both kinds of blue: the textured blue of the water and the white and blue mixture of sky, and it is transferring a lot of peace to my heart. Have a great day!
-Mary Hope
Copyright 2017


Savannah, Georgia: Sea, Sky, and Cotton


Georgia makes me remember why I love the country so much: Big, wide sky where one can see the stars sparkle at night. I got to experience new country things this weekend by seeing cotton in the field and being picked by a combine-type machine. My fiancé and I made our first trip to Georgia because of a family wedding, and it was a blast: Continue reading


Patterning Clouds

As I drove home from work last night, I saw texture in some clouds I have never seen before! Thankfully, I had to stop at a stoplight where I could snap some photos:

When I first saw the clouds–which were the edge of a huge storm front passing through–one section had iridescent green and pink! Continue reading