Trees of Transition

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Catalpa Tree Blooms!

Driving to work yesterday I noticed this catalpa tree when I was waiting at a stoplight. Catalpa blooms look like little orchids with their cream background and maroon specks; they are one of my favorite blooms that come from a tree.

Happy Friday, Everyone!

-Mary Hope

Copyright 2017



Spring Moon

Last night I walked out of my friend’s place, looked up, and saw this: 

The lace of the branches lit up by the full moon made me so happy. Happy Spring, Everyone! 

-Mary Hope

Copyright 2016


Refreshing Designs

This birch tree trifecta’s shapes excited me yesterday–the flowing lines and shades of color. My Dad’s health has stabilized for now–and he is working on learning to walk again. Thank you all for your prayers, kind word, and support.
I had a wonderful run (that helped relieve the stress from what we are going through with my Dad) yesterday and saw these natural designs:
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Plant Fireworks!

Plants make me smile! Even plants in the city do too: Yesterday in the city I saw a biker with a bouquet of flowers sticking out of his backpack as he wheeled home. Those blooms being biked along a busy city street made me laugh.

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Creative Explosion

The card factory was lively today! So much fun working with paper, photos, glue, and words.

See some of these cards up for purchase soon at

Take some time today to so something creative!

By M. H. Campbell

Copyright 2015