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Comfort for people going through life transitions by sharing thoughts, photos, cards, and recipes.

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Need Valentines? 

Valentine’s Day is approaching and cards will be needed! Check out my cards at: Trees of Transition Cards

Share some love. ❤️ 

-Mary Hope

Copyright 2017



I Wonder What Happened Here?

A few weeks ago I saw a family decorating this tree as I ran past…smiles abounded and when I took a closer look, I saw names on the hearts… So I’m guessing an engagement happened here!
I hope your Valentine’s Day is a great one.

M. H. Campbell

Copyright 2015


Getting to Know Your Mate Deeper: What ARE the Ways They Apologize and Feel Loved?


What does your mate need to say in order for you to feel he or she has truly apologized to you and made peace? Since I’ve been little, I’ve felt the need to hear someone say, “I’m sorry about forgetting to call you, will you forgive me?” And then I get to respond and in my mind, the situation has been resolved. Since entering the adult world, I’ve found out that not everyone apologizes this way…

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You Are Wanted — Song Review


You can hear the confidence in her voice when someone sings what she believes about herself, and in a song I heard recently, the singer does just that. “Wanted” by Dara Maclean reminds you of the truth: You are wanted. Even if you don’t have a Valentine to take you out for Valentine’s Day, or if you feel like people just put up you, there IS someone who wants you.

In this song, Dara sings the words with such confidence and authority that it helps you believe the truth: You are wanted! The music throbs along with her strong, vigorous vocals, and it sticks in your head. It’s a fine song to blast in your car and dance to.

Let the truth soak into you: