Trees of Transition

Comfort for people going through life transitions by sharing thoughts, photos, cards, and recipes.

Articles on Different Transitions


Letting Your Heart Surface

Risking Love

Flying Away from a Dream: The Transition Through a Breakup

My Younger Sister is Getting Married and I’m Still Single

Two and a Half Years Since “My Younger Sister is Getting Married and I’m Still Single”

Advantages of Your Younger Sister Getting Married Ahead of You


Dating & Marriage:

Fighting Off Perfectionism in Regards to Dating

Some of Our Silly Engagement Photos

Our Engagement Story: The “Train Guy” Asked Me to Marry Him!

Standing Beside My Man (Book Talk)

A Month Into Marriage — Our Wedding Story

One Year into Marriage 



How Becoming Pregnant Helped Me Become a More Calm TeacherHow Becoming Pregnant Helped Me Become a More Calm Teacher

Finding Out We Are Pregnant!

Baby Schuh is Due to Arrive in November!

Our Gender Reveal 

Picking Our Son’s Name

Our Little Blondie Has Arrived!

Our 50-Hour Birth Story


Job Loss:

Forgiving Yourself After Sudden Job Loss

How to Support Your Spouse through Job Loss


Losing a Loved One:

My Last Time with My Dad /// Thoughts about his Funeral

See You Later, Grandma Jane…Reflections About a Lady Who Inspired Me

Saying Good-bye to Jess Gelso Andres: Processing the Death of a Friend

Remembering Aunty Tricia

From Homeschooling to being a Teacher:

My parents homeschooled me from preschool through high school, so homeschooling formed me deeply. I went on to community college, college, and graduate school, and now work in a community college. I’ve been sharing my thoughts on that topic here are links to the pieces I wrote about homeschooling:

Homeschooling’s Black, White, and Gray Season 1:

Episode 1: Beginning with Forgiveness and Thankfulness

Episode 2: Gutsy Pioneers: Parents Who Homeschool Their Children

Episode 3: I Appreciate How My Mom Did This: Boomerang Learning

Episode 4: I Do Not Remember My First Day of School. Do You?

Episode 5: Through High School or to Traditional High School? That is a Homeschooling Gray Question

Episode 6: Homeschool Anatomy: Farm Style

Episode 7: A Homeschooler Takes on the Mean Girls and…

Episode 8: A Homeschool Strength: Letting Creativity Soar

Episode 9: Fighter Pilot Dream Gets Queasy, But Doesn’t Throw Up

Episode 10: Homeschooling Gray: Being Homeschooled and Then Trying to Teach in a Traditional School

See the Homeschool Series Category for more:

Homeschool Series: Homeschooling’s Black, White, and Gray Seasons 1 and 2

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