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The First Concert of the Soil and the Sun’s West Coast Tour

Pink lights flooded the stage and contrasted against the black clothes much of the band wore. Alex, sporting a black, wide-brimmed hat, lead the band, William scuttled back and forth with his bass to the base line he was playing, the driving drums and soaring strings. The concert sported five new songs along with the old favorites “One Woman” and the one with the wonderful line: “Sown in weakness, raised in power.”

Seeing the transition from a small, two man band, to a seven person band is so intriguing. The Soil and the Sun’s music is coming into its own: more confident, joyful, and powerful. It’s the best band in the Experiential Spiritual Folk-Rock//New Mexican Space Music genre out there.

Check them out:

Soil and the Sun 11.8.13