Trees of Transition

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Swirls and Other Spring Colors

The transition between winter and spring sometimes takes a long time, so photos help me remember what spring its like. Here are some shots from last spring. The paints were from when I was painting with my junior high students. We connected over art several times, and when we painted, we all relaxed more. The other photos are here to deliver some springtime shades and images. Enjoy! Continue reading


Awakening Blue

As I ran past a grove of trees that had these blue flowers all over, I saw these two blossoms on the sidewalk! I wanted to preserve the beauty in the wood by not picking the flowers, but since someone had already picked it, I took it home with me and gave it water. I love how the glass caught the light.
Under the trees, there were mounds of them blossoming: hundreds of blue announcements that spring has arrived!

By M. H. Campbell

Copyright 2015