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Comfort for people going through life transitions by sharing thoughts, photos, cards, and recipes.

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Effective Leadership

“The leader with the most connections wins!”

-Chris Hogan

When we know our leader hears, respects, and esteems us, we will do almost anything for them. Building trust with those we work with takes time and care, but when we make that investment, huge gains can come through working together in a unified way.
Choose to trust and connect.

M. H. Campbell

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Changing a Flat Tire: So Much Easier with Teamwork

Teamwork was low priority as I was being raised, so I’ve been learning more of those skills now. Sometimes you are just forced to work with someone, but when you have a need and want someone to be there to help you, you realize the value of teamwork!

Recently I thought I probably could change my flat tire by myself, and I pulled the car in the driveway, pulled out the tools, and then started chipping at the ice that held my spare tire in my car. (Now I know my hatch leaks!)

I realized chipping wouldn’t do it, so I went inside to find extension cords and a hair drier. I ran into my house mate and asked, “have you ever changed a tire?” She responded, “yes, I have.” And she was willing to help! We got the hair driers going, and then my friend had the idea: Hot water! We put it on twice before the tire came out– it probably took 20 minutes.

Then she knew how to easily pump the jack, and we had to use more hot water to pull off the tire. We got the spare on, and then she followed me over to my mechanic. She was such a blessing, and I was so glad to work together with her to get that tire changed. Teamwork has great value, and I’m seeing that more clearly now.

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