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Autumn, with Attitude


Cottonwood trees crackle and infuse dusty leafiness into the air as you run past.
Prairie grassland pop with purple asters and goldenrod, next to the dancing lake.
Autumn north winds whisk the water into liquid bouncing gray-greenness.

Waves topped with diamonds splashing off the peak and fall down to do it again.

City autumn has the same reds and golds as other places, but has attitude.


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Shooting Outside My Window

The sound of gunfire is not new,
But it is connected with hunting deer,
Not humans shooting at each other in a large city filled with babies in their mother’s arms, toddler’s running ahead of their parents down a street, and youth hanging out on the front steps.
At first I hoped it was just fireworks left over after Independence Day, but it has continued. An occasional pop, pop, pop…
On the building next to mine, R.I.P in black sharpie is written on the wall in remembrance of a guy who died there last fall.
It saddens me, scares me a little, but then I remember Who called me here, and peace returns. I have the best body guard in the universe.
I’m a foreigner here, in the state where I was born, but a city to which I am called to love.
Hope fills my heart for this place; the shooting will end, the love will overflow. I am honored to be part of the process!

God, please end violence in our cities. You are the One who brings peace.
I invite You, the Prince of Peace, into this neighborhood. Thank you for what You are doing here! It is beautiful. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.


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Learning to Parallel-park (City Style) and Settling into the City

Moving to the big city has been more of an adjustment than I thought from working in the city for 1 1/2 years…but living is different than just working in the city! I’m learning how big my car is, and if it can fit in a parking spot. I tried one spot near my house, but it was a Mini Cooper sized spot, not a Prius spot. I have scratches on my car to prove it. Bummer… and I’m learning that it’s okay to give a neighboring car an accidental “friendly bump.”

Yesterday I went to get my driver’s license updated, but I didn’t have a bill with me, so I had to go back today. Thankfully, several bills arrived in the mail yesterday (and I got to meet my mail man!), so today I could change it. When I was in line to get my registration changed, I looked up and there was a parent of one of my students from last year! She had me come into her office, and then helped me get it changed (and gave me a hug at the end), and told me about lots of the stores near I live because she used to live right where I live. I am feeling welcome in the big city… It just takes some time and loving people…

.photo 4