Trees of Transition

Comfort for people going through life transitions by sharing thoughts, photos, cards, and recipes.

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Sphere of Water and Light

Last night my fiancé and I walked past this fun fountain. How the light plays with the water reminds one of a huge dandelion seed puff or popcorn ball.
Have a peaceful and safe weekend, Everyone! Here’s a couple more shots:
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Onward and Upward!

“Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there!” -Will Rogers


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Autumn, with Attitude


Cottonwood trees crackle and infuse dusty leafiness into the air as you run past.
Prairie grassland pop with purple asters and goldenrod, next to the dancing lake.
Autumn north winds whisk the water into liquid bouncing gray-greenness.

Waves topped with diamonds splashing off the peak and fall down to do it again.

City autumn has the same reds and golds as other places, but has attitude.


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Free to Get Drenched

The pitter-pat subsided,
Luring me out to run.
Blue shoes on,
Then smacking against damp pavement.
I jogged past the house with a white picket fence, yard full of green, but in my memory I saw it as a snow fairy kingdom with snow tufts on too of the posts.
Along the train tracks,
Swerving little lakes overwhelming the side walks.
Then around I turned, the wind now filled with mist, in my face.
The mist turned to drops,
The warm rain soaked me,
As I ran home.
The water made me laugh,
I was waterproof
and free to get drenched.